The Most Impressive Movie Villains

The Most Impressive Movie Villains

1-) Agent Smith – Hugo Weaving

Known for The Matrix movie. He is a very dangerous villain! The character that gets stronger with Hugo Weaving’s ability.It is definitely one of the memorable moments of cinema history.

Agent Smith- matrix













2-) Ivan Drago – Dolph Lundgren
The most important factor in making Rocky IV a very good film is the existence of Ivan Drago. Ivan, who killed Apollo Creed in the ring and does not even look back, is almost identical to a machine. He’s the biggest opponent he’s ever seen against Rocky Balboa.













3-) Anton Chigurh – Javier Bardem
Perhaps at the beginning of the Coen brothers’ most successful subjects is to create extraordinary characters.
Anton Chigurh, a hired killer you would never want to hang out with. He does not give up, he can not stop, and he does not feel regrets for what he does. And how many bad guys have such haircuts?



4-) John Doe – Kevin Spacey
It’s hard to come up with a movie in just the last 15 minutes and to portray one of the most successful villain portraits of cinema history.
The murder scenes we saw at the beginning of the story are so horrified that John Doe is freezing the blood of the spectator when we are in a cold-blooded position in the film finale.
Kevin Spacey is signaling how big a player he will be in the years ahead.



5-) Hans Landa – Christoph Waltz
We did not see Christoph Waltz anywhere until we watched the Inglorious Basterds movie.
Quentin Tarantino has discovered such a great actor that Christoph Waltz comes to mind immediately if he needs someone to play the role of the bad guy today in Hollywood after the cruel Hans Landa role.
After watching this Nazi officer named Hans Landa, you do not even need to see Hitler’s evil personally.



6-) General Zod 
Superman’s old enemy is known as Lex Luthor. But we must not forget that this cruel man named General Zod, the hero’s own planet, has given Superman so much pain to forget what Luthor had pulled



7-) T-1000 – Robert Patrick
He is not sleeping, he is not tired, he is an incurable apostle of everyone you know!
The presence of the T-1000 is one of the strongest reasons for Terminator II being a better film than the first film in the series.
It’s a frightening character with Robert Patrick’s cold look and liquid metal design.



8 -) Norman Bates
Norman Bates is the villain of the classic film Psycho, directed by master director Alfred Hitchcock of Horror theater in 1960. We can comfortably say that Bates, led by his mother, is one of the best-drawn villains of cinema history. The character worked so well that today television sequences are being made on his behalf.



9-) Amon Goeth – Ralph Fiennes
During World War II, this S.S. The officer is adapted to the cinema from a real character, perhaps the most terrible villain ever heard of it!
It is possible to say that this Jewish murderer, successfully portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List, feels the entire horror of war.



10-) Keyser Soze – Kevin Spacey
One of the most impressive final stages of cinema history, 1995’s The Usual Suspects, the most important element in making such a strong movie, is the film’s presence in Keyser Soze.
With all his credibility and coolness, he once again has an unforgettable villain character.



11-) Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger, the chief actor of your childhood nightmares, is at the beginning of the list of bad guys who have been buried in the mind with their burned face, clawy hand and red green scarf.
Numerous films of Nightmare on Elm Street have been filmed, starring in this dream hunter who leaked your dreams while trying to kill you while you were sleeping. We are still afraid of the time spent in Freddy, who has been on the horizon for over 30 years.



12-) Hans Gruber
At first glance, this German terrorist, who sang a lot in Die Hard’s hero John McClane’s first film, may come to you like a very ordinary villain, but when you get to know him a little bit, McClane himself is using the worst enemy expression I have ever met for this man, a sadistic proprietor, a former member of the organization who does not hesitate to kill innocents.



13-) Hannibal Lecter
A man who eats human beings, kills him mercilessly, but is nevertheless a complete intellectual. You do not have to say too much about Hannibal Lecter.
With the Manhunter movie directed by Michael Mann, and then by Jonathan Demme’s film The Silence of the Lambs, this terrifying doctor who lives in my life, it is impossible to forget for a moment when there are bad guys.



14-) Joker
Whether we take Jack Nicholson’s Joker character or Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, we have the most defective and colorful villain of the history of cinema. The most important thing that makes Batman such a charismatic hero in the world of comic books and cinematics is that he has an unforgettable enemy like the character Joker.



15-) Darth Vader
When the fifth episode of the series confessed that he was the father of Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader, who all sat on his feet and steadily turned into the best-designed villain of the history of cinema,


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