Suddenly – (1954) – Frank Sinatra

Suddenly – (1954) – Frank Sinatra

In this 1954 film, there is a thrilling adventure. It’s accompanied by Frank Sinatra’s great actor.
Three armed gangsters were hired to kill the US president, while the gangsters held a family hostage while his targets were waiting for him. Gangsters are actually psychopathic killers.

Directed by Lewis Allen
Produced by Robert Bassler
Music by David Raksin
Cinematography by Charles G. Clarke
Film Editing by John F. Schreyer
Production Company Libra Productions Inc.


Frank Sinatra as John Baron
Sterling Hayden as Sheriff Tod Shaw
James Gleason as Pop Benson
Nancy Gates as Ellen Benson
Kim Charney as Peter Benson III – ‘Pidge’
Willis Bouchey as Dan Carney
Paul Frees as Benny Conklin
Christopher Dark as Bart Wheeler
James O’Hara as Jud Hobson
Kem Dibbs as Wilson
Clark Howat as Haggerty
Charles Smith as Bebop
Paul Wexler as Slim Adams


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