Strange Illusion – Movie -1945

Strange Illusion – Movie -1945

The 1945 fantasy cinema zone is a movie.
Paul is the assistant governor of California, Paul’s father died at an unexpected time.
Paul sees his dream that his mother is in love with a dangerous man.
One day he realizes that the dreams he has seen happen to his mother, a dangerous man in love with him.

Directed by : Edgar G. Ulmer
Screenplay : Adele Comandini
Original story Fritz Rotter
Music by Leo Erdody
Cinematography : Philip Tannura – Benjamin H. Kline – Eugen Schüfftan


Jimmy Lydon as Paul Cartwright
Warren William as Brett Curtis
Sally Eilers as Virginia Cartwright
Regis Toomey as Dr. Vincent
Charles Arnt as Professor Muhlbach
George Reed as Benjamin
Jayne Hazard as Dorothy Cartwright
Jimmy Clark as George Hanover
Mary McLeod as Lydia
Pierre Watkin as District Attorney Wallace Armstrong
Sonia Sorel as Charlotte Farber
Victor Potel as Mac – Game Warden
George Sherwood as Langdon
Gene Roth as Sparky
John Hamilton as Bill Allen

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