Shoot to Kill – Movie – 1947

Shoot to Kill – Movie – 1947

It’s a movie that we can call crime drama as a genre. A story between a woman, a district attorney, a gangster and a researcher reporter. The woman tries to clean her name from the murder case. crime dramas

Writen by Edwin V. Westrate
IMDb 5,7
Produced by William Berke
Production Company Screen Guild Productions
Music by Darrell Calker
Cinematography by Benjamin H. Kline



Russell Wade as George Mitchell
Luana Walters as Marian Langdon
Edmund MacDonald as Lawrence Dale
Robert Kent as Dixie Logan
Vince Barnett as Charlie Gill
Nestor Paiva as Gus Miller
Charles Trowbridge as John Forsythe
Harry Brown as Jim Forman
Ted Hecht as Al Collins
Harry Cheshire as Mike Blake (as Harry Chesire)
Joe Devlin as Smokey
Eddie Foster as Bingo
Frank O’Connor as Deputy Clem Sparks
Sammy Stein as Blackie
Robert Riordan as Ed Carter
Gene Rodgers as Piano Player

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