Quicksand – (1950) – Movie

Quicksand – (1950) – Movie

Mickey Rooney, Peter Lorre and Jeanne Cagney are again a legendary movie .
Rooney’s got an date, He borrows 20 USD for his date. But one thing goes into car theft and murder complexity.
How can Rooney get rid of crime …? Watch right away.

Directed by : Irving Pichel
Writer: Robert Smith
Published 24 March 1950 (USA)
IMDb 6,6
Music by Louis Gruenberg
Cinematography by Lionel Lindon
Film Editing by Walter Thompson


Mickey Rooney as Dan
Jeanne Cagney as Vera
Barbara Bates as Helen
Peter Lorre as Nick
Taylor Holmes as Harvey
Art Smith as Mackey
Wally Cassell as Chuck
Richard Lane as Lt. Nelson
Patsy O’Connor as Millie
John Gallaudet as Moriarity
Minerva Urecal as Landlady
Sidney Marion as Shorty
Jimmie Dodd as Buzz
Lester Dorr as Baldy
Kitty O’Neil as Madame Zaronga
Frank Marlowe as Watchman
Alvin Hammer as Auditor
Ray Teal as Motorcycle Officer
Tom Monroe as Motorcycle Officer




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