Please Murder Me 1956

Please Murder Me 1956

A successful lawyer saves his client from a murder case.
Later learns that his client is guilty. The exciting story of a successful lawyer who has a sense of guilt.

Directed by Peter Godfrey
Published 1956
IMDb : None
Screenplay : Al C. Ward – Donald Hyde
Produced by
Jack J. Gross executive producer
Donald Hyde producer
Philip N. Krasne executive producer
Music by Albert Glasser
Cinematography by Alan Stensvold


Angela Lansbury as Myra Leeds
Raymond Burr as Craig Carlson
Dick Foran as Joe Leeds
John Dehner as Ray Willis
Lamont Johnson as Carl Holt
Robert Griffin as Lou Kazarian
Denver Pyle as Lieut. Bradley
Alex Sharp as The Sergeant
Lee Miller as The Patrolman
Russell Thorson as The Judge (Russ Thorson)




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