Lady Gangster (1942) Movie

Lady Gangster (1942)

The actress involved in the crime, the gang makes a 40,000 dollar bank robbery. Before being sent to prison, the actress has other plans and the gang’s plans are different.
A fantastic classic adventure movie full of excitement every minute, absolutely watch this movie.

Run time : 61 minutes
Producer : Howard Jackson and William Lava
Production Company : Warner Brothers Pictures
Audio/Visual : Mono, Black & White
IMDb : 5,8/10
Directed by: Robert Florey
Writing : Anthony Coldeway (screenplay) – Dorothy Mackaye – Carlton Miles


Faye Emerson as Dot Burton
Julie Bishop … as Myrtle Reed
Frank Wilcox … as Kenneth Phillips
Roland Drew … as Carey Wells
Jackie Gleason … as Wilson (as Jackie C. Gleason)
Ruth Ford … as Lucy Fenton
Virginia Brissac … as Mrs. Stoner
Dorothy Vaughan … as Jenkins
Dorothy Adams … as Deaf Annie
William Hopper … as John (as DeWolf Hopper)
Vera Lewis … as Ma Silsby
Herbert Rawlinson … as D.A. Lewis Sinton
Peggy Diggins … as Mary
Charles C. Wilson … as Detective (as Charles Wilson)
William ‘Bill’ Phillips…as Stew (as Bill Phillips)
Frank Mayo … as Walker
Leah Baird … as Prison Matron



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