Kansas City Confidential 1952 Movie

Kansas City Confidential 1952 Movie

Publicmovieclub.Com is a great cinema classic that you can offer. Kansas City Confidential 1952 movie.
This movie ; According to Wikipedia the plot was inspiration for Quentin Tarantino‘s “Reservoir Dogs“.
A former criminal who works for a legal life, compared to a $ 1 million armored bank robbery. And now this guy has to go to Mexico to bring out real criminals.

Director: Phil Karlson
Screenplay: George Bruce – Harry Essex
Story : Harold Greene Rowland Brown


John Payne … as Joe Rolfe
Coleen Gray… as Helen Foster
Preston Foster …as Tim Foster
Neville Brand … as Boyd Kane
Lee Van Cleef … as Tony Romano
Jack Elam … as Pete Harris
Dona Drake … as Teresa
Mario Siletti … as Tomaso
Howard Negley … as Scott Andrews
Carleton Young … as Martin
Don Orlando … as Diaz
Ted Ryan … as Morelli



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