Impact  – ( Movie 1949 )

Impact – ( Movie 1949 )

A good example of impressive American films.Wealthy businessman survives attempt by wife to have him killed, makes it look like she succeeded and starts a new life in small town as auto mechanic. Please do not forget after watching the comments, thank you..

Directed by : Arthur Lubin
Screenplay: Dorothy Davenport , Jay Dratler

First screening date: March 20, 1949
Composer of film music: Michel Michelet
Cinematography: Ernest Laszlo
Story: Jay Dratler


Brian Donlevy
as Walter Williams
Ella Raines
as Marsha Peters
Charles Coburn
as Lt. Tom Quincy
Helen Walker
as Irene Williams
Anna May Wong
as Su Lin Chung
Robert Warwick
as Capt. Callahan
Clarence Kolb

Art Baker
as Eldredge – Defense Attorney
William Wright
as Prosecutor
Mae Marsh
as Mrs. King (as Mrs. Peters)


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