Horror Express – ( Telly Savalas – Christopher Lee – Eugenio Martín ) – 1972

A British anthropologist finds a creature that lived in prehistoric times in china, as well as frozen in 1906. This creature wants to be brought to Europe by train. Nice movie for excitement and adventure seekers.


Telly Savalas -Captain Kazan
Christopher Lee -Prof. Sir Alexander Saxton (as Cristopher Lee)
Peter Cushing -Doctor Wells
Alberto de Mendoza -Father Pujardov
Silvia Tortosa -Countess Irina Petrovski
Julio Peña -Inspector Mirov
George Rigaud -Count Marion Petrovski (as Jorge Rigaud)
Ángel del Pozo -Yevtushenko (as Angel del Pozo)
Víctor Israel -Baggage Man
Helga Liné -Natasha
Alice Reinheart -Miss Jones
José Jaspe -Conductor Konev
Vicente Roca -Station Master
Juan Olaguivel -Creature (as Juan Olaguibel)
José Canalejas -Russian Guard
Barta Barri -First Telegraphist
José Marco -Vorkin
Faith Clift -American Passenger
Peter Beckman -Second Telegraphist
Hiroshi Kitatawa -Grashinski, the Locksmith
Allen Russell -Captain O’Hagan

Eugenio Martín

Arnaud d’Usseau
Julian Zimet

Bernard Gordon
Gregorio Sacristán

John Cacavas

Alejandro Ulloa

public domain licance


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